Harishri Precious

We are a select, highly experienced and trusted group of professionals, with over 15 years hands-on experience, dedicated to providing superior service across the value chain for the Gold sector.

Harishri provides clients with solutions for physical gold sourcing, trading, mining, logistics, refining, storage, and leasing/ financing. 

Harishri’s operations cover every aspect of the precious metals supply chain. Our aim is to provide our clients with an end-to-end complete solution for all their precious metals requirements. Whether you are a new investor looking for advice on how to invest in precious metals or an experienced trader or miner, we are here to understand your goals and requirements and show you how HARISHRI can help you achieve them. 

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We are Precious Metals Experts

From mining to refining and trading to transport and storage, we understand precious metals. Our qualified professionals can assist you in any precious metals-related matters.

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We Understand Gold Markets

With a background across a range of industries and experience across multiple geographies, we bring together unique insights into global markets and precious metals trading supply chain.

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We are Environment Focused

We promote sustainable and environment focused  practices in  the  precious  metals industry. We ask the same from our clients. We can assist in developing and implementing industry best practice programs.

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