Harishri Precious

Physical and financial precious metals trading is at the core of Harishri’s business.

Our trading desks cover physical bullion, scrap and doré bars, and associated financial/ hedging products for risk management.

Backed by years of experience in the physical gold market we provide our clients with the best solution for trading, storage and planning of a prosperous precious metals portfolio.

Our global reach covers key physical trading markets as well as mining and production  centres.  From  extraction  to  refining  to  retail  sales,  we  are involved at every step of the physical precious metals supply chain.

Physical Doré Trading

Harishri has local operations in sourcing, mining, and refining markets covering the Middle East and Africa. We provide small to mid-scale mining companies and traders with a fast and efficient sales outlet and a reliable trading partner.

We have buying centers and offices in countries we trade out of. In all our buying offices we have the capacity to smelt, analyze, and pay for precious metals on a cash & carry basis, creating the most efficient localized trading structure. In addition, we can provide export, customs clearance, logistics, and insurance solutions.

Physical Bullion Trading

Our bullion trading desk offers a diverse range of precious metals products. We buy and sell all forms of bullion and refined products as well as coins and collectibles. Our refining relationships cover Dubai Good Delivery, London Bullion Market Association and Responsible Jewelry Council accredited refiners, as well as local market refiners.

Our established market presence and logistics capabilities means our clients get the most competitive pricing, efficient solutions to their requirements and access to global transport and storage solutions.

Financial Trading

We provide our clients with risk management and investment solutions with exposure to and coverage of global markets.

These solutions are specific to qualifying traders that understand the financial risks associated with the Gold trading markets.

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