Harishri Precious

Deposit your physical precious metals with Harishri and earn interest on your assets.

Additionally, you benefit from no storage and no insurance costs, a win-win for the client.

How it works:

Client signs a 1-year (min) gold contract for a min. of 1Kg metal. The gold is sealed and remains in Dubai or Switzerland. The gold can either be allocated or unallocated.

Returns can be physical for physical or financial for physical. For example, a 50Kg physical placement clients can expect 2Kg additional gold as a return; an equivalent of 4% yearly coupon paid biannually.

For allocated gold, clients can have the option to use lending facility with premium Swiss/ UK banks with an LTV of up to 70%. Gold will be held in Custody in a private vault in Switzerland/UK during the term of the facility.

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